What is a Buyers Agent?

A Buyers Agent has the buyers interests in mind.

Their are two ways a real estate sales person can assist in real estate. One way is to represent the seller. If you are a buyer this is not to your advantage. If you are interested in a home the most common mistake buyers make is to call the listing agent, this is the salesperson that listed the property for the seller. The agent that listed the home is bound by laws and regulations to always have the best interest of the seller in mind. If you the buyer told a listing agent anything that was not in the best interest of the seller it is the listing agents responsibility to inform the seller of any information from a buyer that might be negative such as income, credit, time of occupancy. The listing agent cannot divulge any information from the seller such as a divorce or hardship that might have a negative response such as a lower offer. The listing agent by law has to represent the seller and have the seller’s needs first and foremost. Whenever a buyer contacts a real estate agent that real estate agent will always represent the seller unless the buyer goes into a buyers agreement with the real estate agent.

A Buyers Agreement allows the Real Estate agent to represent the buyer.
The other way is to hire a buyer’s agent. Once a buyer signs a buyer’s agreement with a real estate sales person that agent now represents the buyer and has the buyers interests in mind first and foremost. A buyer’s agreement allows the real estate agent to negotiate a lower price, it allows the real estate agent to inform the buyer of information that before the agreement that agent could not, such as how motivated the seller is. It is very important to hire a buyer’s agent when looking for a home otherwise the agent is always bound by law to only represent the seller and the seller’s interests first. When buying a home you want someone to negotiate and have your interests first. If you do not have a signed buyers agreement any agent from any real estate company showing you a home is always representing the seller and has the seller’s best interests in mind. A buyer’s agent represents the buyer and by law has the buyers best interests in mind.

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Weather you just want to see homes or require help to prepare when buying First National Homes will assist in the manor fit to suit your needs. There are many questions homebuyers should ask a Realtor. Here are a few: What are you looking for in a community? Will you be selling in 7 to 10 years? What finance options are available? What are real estate taxes expected to be in 5 to 10 years? Can you direct me to information about the School District? How do I make my offer more attractive to the seller? Choosing a Realtor who listens and who has the ability, experience, and a proven track record will help you to a successful closing on your dream home. There are many people and companies involve in the buying process using companies that put your needs first is imperative to insure a hassle free closing in your best interest. A successful Realtor has access the key people in the industries such as home inspectors, roofers, title compies, plumbers, and mortgage professionals. Buying a home is a process. We at First National Homes have the experience to see you through it fast and prepared.

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